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Facebook page supports Gail Gerlach's use of deadly force

SPOKANE, Wash. - The debate over the fatal shooting of a car thief in East Spokane is now heating up online.

On Monday, 25-year old Brendon Kaluza-Graham was shot and killed while he stole an SUV.

The owner of that SUV, Gail Gerlach, told investigators he fired at Kaluza-Graham because he thought he pointed a weapon at him.

Facebook page supports Gail Gerlach's use of deadly force

On Wednesday, a Spokane woman, who has been the victim of a burglary, launched a Facebook Page to show support for Gerlach.

The creator of the page has asked to remain anonymous.  But, agreed to an interview as long as KXLY didn't use her name or show her face.

"I hope he understands that we are here for him, for the community," she said. 

"I hope the courts realize how much they are failing us by letting these people out and what positions they are putting us in," she added.

In 24 hours,  the page has received more than 200 likes. 

"I feel what he did was right he protected what he needed to and if he felt like his life was in danger as well then so be it.  I feel sorry for the family of the person lost but that's a consequence you face when you commit a crime," the page creator said.

Near the scene of the shooting, friends and family of Kaluza-Graham have a much different message.

"Off drugs he's a great loving, great friend," Misty Santos said.

"Umm just he was a great guy besides his addiction you know he was a very good guy," she added.

Santos was a friend of Kaluza-Graham and visited a memorial in his honor Thursday afternoon.

"I think they need to keep their comments to themselves if they didn't know him as a person," she added

Once the investigation is complete, prosecutors will decide whether or not the shooting was justified.