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Extreme Team project brings light in neighbor's grief

Extreme Team project brings light in...

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - As the KXLY Extreme Team continues to renovate the Recovery Cafe, a woman across the street will be watching closely. It's bringing her hope in some of her darkest days.

Jan Lenhart and her husband John left rural life on Lake Coeur d'Alene four years ago and moved to a condo in Peaceful Valley. They immediately fell in love with the city and the neighborhood.
"When I first moved here, I looked out the window and saw a school bus," Jan remembered. "It was so exciting!"
They immediately integrated themselves into the neighborhood and loved the pace and diversity. But, John had one pet peeve every time he looked out his picture window.
"Every morning, this was his routine," Jan said. "He'd pull the cord [to open the blinds] and say 'Gosh, I wish they'd clean that crap up!' and I'd say 'John, at some point, it will happen.'"
Though he hated the eyesore of the Recovery Cafe across the street, John appreciated its mission. Even after he was diagnosed with spinal cancer, he'd bring cookies over and sneak in a few himself.
Jan said he would have loved to see the Extreme Team finally fixing it up.
He won't get that wish.
The day the Extreme Team moved in, John moved into hospice. The cancer was simply too much.
John passed away on Sunday, leaving his best girl Jan to stare out that window all alone.
"He used to call me sweet names," she said, through tears. "I'll miss that. I'll just miss the whole man."
Still in her grief, Jan wrote to the KXLY Extreme Team, thanking them for finally fixing up that corner of the neighborhood she loves so much. She wanted the team to know they made John's wish come true.
She knows exactly what John would tell them if he was still here.
"He would walk over and say, 'Hey guys... good job!"