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EWU students remembered for leadership at memorial service

Nancy Zepeda-Zarate and Ashley Gonzalez killed in car accident last month

EWU students remembered for leadership at memorial service

A memorial was held for two Eastern Washington University Monday to remember two students killed in a car crash near Colfax last month.

Nancy Zepeda-Zarate, 21, of Quincy and 21-year-old Ashley Gonzalez of Pasco were killed when the car they were in slammed into a semi-truck on Highway 195 south of Colfax.

Two other students in the car were injured. .

The common theme that all speakers shared when speaking of the two students was they were both born leaders.

"Thing about Ashley, she was such a hard working person, just like Nancy they have a lot of similar qualities," Nancy Oropeza said.

Both women were part of the Chicano Education Program. Nancy was also a member of Alpha Pi Sigma while Ashley was looking to join.

A slideshow of the two girls with family and friends had people in attendance both sniffling and laughing.

"They have impacted many of us on campus and created many friendships. The university will not be the same without them," EWU President Dr. Rodolfo Arevalo said.

The women's rugby team also made an appearance for Ashley, with members of the team describing her as a teammate who was so dedicated that she played an entire game with two swollen ankles.

"She was fun in everything, so I'm sure she was a fun teammate," Oropeza said.

Nancy was remembered by fellow students for her sense of humor and smile, something that her older brother cherished also.

"She's my younger sister, but to a point she was my hero. She did things I've never thought of doing and she inspired me all my life. She's something I'm never going to forget," Francisco Zepeda said.