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Ephrata man remains missing after deadly canal crash

Ephrata man remains missing after deadly canal crash

SPOKANE, Wash. - Recovery efforts continue in Grant County as rescuers look for Scott Kolves, an Ephrata father of three, who remains missing after his truck crashed into a canal south of Coulee City over the weekend.

Kolves, 45, was a long time employee of Eprhata High School, were he worked as a security guard. He also liked to fish with his three boys, and that's what the four were doing Sunday when tragedy struck.

The canal that feeds into the Summer Falls power plant was a favorite spot for Scott Kolves and his boys to go fishing.

"I know on a personal level that they enjoy fishing and Scott enjoys time with his three boys and that's what they were doing yesterday," Grant County Undersheriff Dave Ponozzo said.

Deputies aren't sure what caused Kolves' truck to drive into the canal but they know it flipped and was carried 100 yards downstream by the fast moving water. Fishermen nearby heard the commotion and were able to pull his 10 and 12-year-old sons out of the canal.

"Observed the other two occupants in the vehicle but lost sight of them as they had not surface in quite some time," Ponozzo said.

An hour later and five miles downstream a deputy and a fish and game officer risked their lives to pull the body of 8-year-old Korey Kolves from the cold water; CPR was unsuccessful.

Scott was not found. The search resumed Monday morning as the dam was closed to calm the quick moving water for a dive team search. The two boys that were rescued are recovering physically.

"Obviously, pretty sad, they lost a brother and we can't find dad, so the boys are having a pretty rough time right now," said Ponozzo.

The Summer Falls power plant opened back up around 1 p.m. ending the dive but not efforts. Rescuers hope to recover the beloved Ephrata High School employee soon.

"I think that there's going to be a lot of seriously sad people in the city of Ephrata, especially for the school district," Ponozzo said.

The school district has called out a crisis response team to help students, parents as well as staff deal with this tragedy. The search has been called off but deputies and Bureau of Reclamation workers will continue to check the area.