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Enrollment office for TSA PreCheck opens in Spokane Valley

Enrollment office for TSA PreCheck opens in Spokane Valley

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Airport security just got a little easier for people living in Spokane. An enrollment center for the Transportation Safety Commission's program, PreCheck has opened up in the Spokane Valley.

"We travel a lot and we travel to a lot of major airports," Leslie Johnston said. "It makes a big difference when you're in a major airport."

Johnston was at the center at 12510 E. Sprague Avenue Thursday applying for PreCheck.

"I waited about three hours," Johnston said. "And that's this time. We came a little before lunch and got turned away."

The process only takes about ten minutes, but could take longer if applicants don't make an appointment. Interested people should go online and fill out the application at universalenroll.dhs.gov. From there, Spokane applicants can go to Absolute Drug Testing at the east Sprague location where they'll verify their citizenship or immigration status and be fingerprinted. There's an $85 non-refundable fee, which has turned off some travelers from taking advantage of PreCheck.

"I don't think as a casual traveler I would," Marcella Kallmann-Rupp said. "If I was a business traveler and I was traveling more often, I think I would."

Kallmann-Rupp traveled from Seattle to Spokane for her honeymoon. In Seattle, she and her husband were able to test out PreCheck. They didn't have to take off their belts or shoes and were able to keep their approved sized liquids and laptop in their luggage.

"They kind of took us off to a different line, went through, did a little bit of a hand swipe and then fed us through like the would any other security check," Kallmann-Rupp said. "It was really easy and really great."

Those who do take advantage of PreCheck and are approved will be mailed a "known traveler" number. That number will be used the traveler books his or her flight and will show up on their boarding pass. Those who have it can use it in the 118 airports in the United States that have PreCheck lines for the five years it's valid.