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Engineering students from WSU and UI dive into submarine competition

PULLMAN, Wash. - Engineering students from Washington State University and the University of Idaho will put their robotics skills to the test from July 20th to 26th in an international submarine robot contest.

The competition, called RoboSub, is held annually in San Diego, California. The event is sponsored in part by the U.S. Office of Naval Research, and aims to advance development of autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) by calling on the talents of student engineers.

For the competition, teams must create an AUV and run it through an obstacle course. Some obstacles range from the simple, like passing through a start gate, to extremely complex, like identifying a sonar sound from a pinger, picking up an object adjacent to the pinger and bringing it to the surface.  

This year, the RoboSub Club of the Palouse is competing in its fourth RoboSub competition.

"Robosub Club of the Palouse allows students to have a project they can continue year after year," said Haily Holt, former club president and recent WSU graduate in electrical engineering.

Competition participants will come from universities and high schools from countries all around the world including Egypt, Russia, Singapore, India, China, Canada, Turkey, Thailand, Japan, Sweden and Pakistan.

"We get to meet engineers from all around the world," Holt said. She added that this diversity gives a good perspective on different ways to solve problems.

View the Robosub Club of the Palouse's competition video HERE