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Emergency ban imposed on outdoor burning in Grant County

GRANT COUNTY, Wash. - An emergency ban was imposed Wednesday afternoon on outdoor burning in Grant County, effective immediately.

The ban prohibits all outdoor burning until conditions improve. If people are caught burning, they could face fines and other consequences.

Grant County is experiencing large wild land fires, as is much of the Inland Northwest. Most of the fires have not been the result of open burning, but the likelihood of large wild land fires is high.

With the hot, dry, arid conditions, and a heavy load of dry grass and sage brush throughout the county, officials are additionally anticipating new wildfires to ignite. The risks include nighttime fires which may be ignited by summertime lightning storms.

According to the Grant County Board of Commissioners, the ban covers the following:

-No burning of yard wastes, (tree, shrub and grass clippings), garbage, ditch banks, building materials and etc. NO BURN BARRELS
-Agricultural burning allowed when properly permitted by Ecology.
-Recreational Fires in approved devices at public campgrounds when allowed by the campground authority. Recreational fires in private pits or residences when surrounded by 25 feet of non-combustible material and a charged water line is present and attended at all times.
-Fires for cooking purposes must be permitted prior to the event.
-Open flames associated with gas barbeques or charcoal start-up are allowed in a safe and sane manner. These devices to be used in an area away from combustible materials including vegetation and must be attended at all times.
-If conditions worsen the BOCC may impose additional measures to prevent fires this summer.

The county burn ban does not change the burn ban already imposed on all cities in Grant County.