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Elderly driver crashses into Spokane Valley strip mall

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Car into store vo

No one was injured when an elderly driver jumped the curb at a Spokane Valley strip mall and crashed through one storefront and crashing through the wall into another.

The car crashed into the strip mall at 15319 E. Indiana before noon Thursday, going into the front window of Tuxedo Gallery and then crashing through the adjoining wall to Sole Solutions.

"Things like this can be replaced, walls can be put back up, new paint, it's just going to take a little bit of time," Camron Cutler, owner of Sole Solutions, said.

Cutler is keeping a positive attitude about what happened to his store Thursday morning but is baffled at how the driver was able to drive through the parking lot, drive over the curb, drive through the Tuxedo Gallery and then into his store.

"You have this heavy paneling that it went through so it had to have some serious force. I'm just glad it didn't go any further," Cutler said.

Kimberly Howard was working next door when the crash happened. She noticed something about the couple that pulled up in this vehicle

"This was not going to be a good situation but I did not expect him to plow through the door," Howard said.

At first the male driver was working to correct a pretty bad parking job. Howard knew something wasn't right, she was about to step in.

"I was really … my whole intent was to come out here and assist them in parking the car and trying to find somebody that either I knew personally to come get them and drive them home or find out if there was a relative I could call. It was just so obvious neither one of them should be driving," she said.

As she was walking towards the door to speak to the elderly couple she realized very quickly that she was too late.

"He apparently hit the gas instead of the brake and plowed through the store," she said.

The driver will receive a traffic citation and the two stores will pick up the pieces. No one was hurt in either store. The driver and passenger were also not hurt.

"Everything can be replaced except for lives," Fisher said.