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Eastern State murder suspect held on $1M bond

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. - Eastern State Hospital patient Amber Roberts is being held on $1 Million bond after she allegedly murdered a fellow patient Tuesday morning.

The Spokane Medical Examiner has finished an autopsy on Eastern State Hospital patient Duane Charley, 56, who was killed Tuesday. The medical examiner determining Charley had been strangled by ligature.

A staff member of the hospital noticed early Tuesday morning that Roberts was pacing in the hallway and asked her what she was doing.

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"I murdered someone but you're going to have to find him," Roberts responded, according to court documents.

The staffer started walking down the hall, and Roberts told him he was getting warmer. When the staffer got to Charley's room, she told him, "You're hot."

Charley was found lying on the floor of his room, covered with a blanket. The staffer pulled the blanket back and found him lying dead with blood on his hands and face.

Roberts was placed in an isolation chamber where she told the staff member she strangled Charley with an electrical cord.

Court documents indicate that Roberts also threatened Charley's roommate during the attack, saying that if he said anything, he'd be next.

The night before the murder, Roberts allegedly told another patient she was going to kill someone , but that patient didn't say anything because she thought after their conversation Roberts had calmed down.

Roberts, 30, is being held on a 1st degree murder charge in the Spokane County Jail.