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Domestic violence dispute between brothers ends in fatal shooting

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Domestic violence dispute between brothers ends in fatal shooting

A fight between two brothers outside of a home in Spokane Valley turned deadly Tuesday evening.

The shooting happened at about 4:30 p.m. in the 12700 block of East 31st Street.

Neighbors watched on as Spokane County Deputies and Spokane Valley Police swarmed a house on the corner of 31st and Vercler Road. Just moments before, neighbors say, a man shot his brother in the stomach and they saw everything.

"All I hear is 'yeah you better effing lay there, don't move'," Ashlind LaFortune said.

LaFortune and her sister Alexis Perez were two of the first people to rush to the aid of the shooting victim.

"I ran over and I kneeled down to him and kept shaking his arm to keep him awake and he went out a couple of times," Perez said.

Police say the shooting started as a verbal fight between the brothers in the front lawn of the house. At one point one of the men pulled a shotgun out of a car and shot his brother in the stomach.

"The suspect actually stayed here, went inside and actually called 911," Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

The shooter was arrested, but police can't say yet if he'll be charged. It's still unclear if the shooting is homicide or a case of self defense. Neighbors say the shooter indicated he had been threatened by his brother.

"He was shouting 'that's what you get you 'b' don't threaten me anymore' because I guess he was telling me that [the victim] threatened to slice his throat, slice his mom's throat," Perez said.

Police tonight couldn't say if either of the brothers has a history with police to back up what neighbors say happened between the two. They are also interested in learning what the two were fighting about that led to the shooting.

"We're still talking to witnesses, talking to neighbors and trying to figure out exactly what transpired out in the front yard," Chamberlin said.

An autopsy is scheduled for this week to identify the shooting victim. The name of the shooter has not been released.