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Diamonds and Dreams makeover underway

Diamonds and Dreams makeover underway

SPOKANE, Wash. - The next KXLY Extreme Team Project is officially underway.

The team is partnering with Chevrolet for the 2017 Diamonds and Dreams makeover at AM Cannon Park.

On Monday it was all about the snack shack.

The snack shack is going to be perfect for the teams and organizations to sell concessions, rain or shine.

Rick and the team made sure that it will be weather proof.

“It will 100% weather tight,” said Rick Gosselin, CDA Structures. “It's amazing what spray foam can do.'
Monday was all about destruction, but on Tuesday, we're building something great that will really make a difference, especially for our friends at SYSA.

“There's a desperate need for new fields in Spokane,” said Philip Helean. “We have more kids that are having to travel off-site of their area because there's not enough fields. This is really going to help all the kids so they don't have to travel so far and have easy access and another great quality field to play on.”

Our goal is to make this field accessible for everyone.

The work has just begun and we have even more surprises in store in the near future.