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Detectives searching for South Hill shooter

SPOKANE, Wash. - South Hill murder investigation Tuesday vo

While the medical examiner has identified the man murdered in his South Hill home Sunday night, detectives are still trying to figure out who killed Doug Carlile, why he killed him and where he is.

Police are searching for both the murder suspect as well as a late model van seen from a surveillance camera mounted to a home along Rockwood Blvd.

Detectives want to talk with whoever was driving that van near the scene of the crime. A neighbor said they saw the van, and reported its suspicious activity to police around 5:30 p.m. Sunday.

About an hour and a half after that call police say a man broke into Carlile's home on South Garfield. Carlile was trying to calm the suspect down before he was shot and killed. His wife, meanwhile, was upstairs on the phone to 9-1-1.

Police say this wasn't a random murder, that Carlile was targeted.

"This case is unusual because we don't have these type of incidents in Spokane where somebody comes into somebody else's house and just shoots them," Capt. Joe Walker with the Spokane Police Department said.

Here's one reason why it appears to be a planned attack: A police K-9 tracked the killer's escape route through back yards, across the Hutton Elementary campus and down a hidden trail to Rockwood Blvd. where police believe the killer hopped into that white van.

In addition to looking for the van police are asking for people who did business with Carlile to come forward.

State records show that Doug Carlile was an owner or partner of Carlile Trucking in Moses Lake, Bridgewater Energy LLC in Spokane and was involved with Oasis Development and Dovehaven LLC, both located at the same address in Moses Lake. He is also listed on the business license for C & W Logging & Cutting in Gig Harbor near Tacoma.

One of Carlile's sons did not want to be interviewed for this story but did say that his family expects to release a statement soon.