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Deputy shoots, kills dog after attack

Deputy shoots, kills dog after attack

GREENACRES, Wash. - A Spokane County Sheriff's deputy has shot and killed a dog in Greenacres after he was bit multiple times.

According to authorities on the scene, the deputy was returning some personal items, including a hat and some keys, to a residence, and decided instead of leaving the items outside a gate to take them to the house.

When the deputy opened the gate and walked toward the house he was bitten by the dog.

The deputy, who has not been identified, has been taken to a hospital in Spokane for treatment of his injuries.

Representatives from SCRAPS as well as Spokane County Sheriff's detectives are at the residence investigating the incident.

"We're treating this just like we would treat a situation with a human," said Deputy Craig Chamberlain. "We have major crime detectives documenting the scene, we have forensics out here photographing and documenting the scene. Really, we're treating it no different."

The Sheriff's Office could not immediately determine or confirm the breed of the dog.