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Deputies cleared in deadly shooting of Army veteran

Deputies cleared in deadly shooting of Army veteran

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - The Spokane County Prosecutor's Office has determined no criminal liability for the deputies involved in the officer-involved shooting with Jed Zillmer.

The shooting happened near the Spokane Valley Mall on February 11.

Jed Zillmer, a US Army combat veteran had recently been denied a $50,000 insurance claim for having part of his foot shot off in Afghanistan.

Suffering from PSTD and suicidal, Zillmer led police and sheriff's deputies on an hour-long pursuit that crossed the state line twice, his conversations with dispatchers designed to make officers gear up for a deadly force confrontation.

The chase ended at the intersection of Sullivan and Indiana, where Zillmer got out of his vehicle and pointed a handgun at himself. Investigators say when he adjusted his bulletproof vest, deputies opened fire.

Prosecutors have concluded that based on Zillmer's actions, the threats he made to shoot at civilians, and his proximity to nearby stores the deputies use of force was justified.