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Deer taking over Medical Lake

Deer taking over Medical Lake

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. - According to some residents, the deer are taking over Medical Lake, and the city is taking action to decide what to do about them.

"There is more deer in this city than there is dogs, I believe," resident Harry Kepler said.

Kepler doesn't mind the deer but maybe that's because they tend to stay out of his yard, but that's not the case for Ruby Emerson.

"It's very common I come home and they are out in the front yard, they like to trim my bushes up there," Emerson said.  

Emerson even built a fence around her garden to keep the deer out.

"They just get super dominant around here. I had to do something," Emerson said.

Other people in town feel the same way. The city says they've gotten some complaints recently about deer dominating the landscape and destroying people's yards.

"We are trying to get some options about what we can do here in the city if we do indeed have a problem," Medical Lake City Administrator Doug Ross said.

They're even working with a wildlife specialist who came out recently to survey the issue.

"As a City Administrator, I want the low cost to no cost options, as we don't have a lot of spare money for un-budgeted items," Ross said.

In the future, an ordinance could be passed that would prohibit residents from feeding deer. The city could even trap and relocate the deer, but that's all up to City Council. 

The wildlife specialist will present her findings on the deer in town and what could be done with them to the City Council in May.