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Daughter helped thieves steal 20 guns from Medical Lake home

MEDICAL LAKE, Wash. - Spokane County sheriff's deputies are trying to round up more than 20 stolen guns after a Medical Lake teen set her own dad up for a burglary.

The victim said he noticed the guns were missing from his home in the 1100 block of North Wilcox Street last weekend and reported the break-in to the sheriff's office. He reported that between noon and 7 p.m. that day more than 20 firearms were taken from his home.

"This is a desperate situation for us, we have several firearms out on the street that are unaccounted for that we need to find," Spokane County Sheriff's spokesman Deputy Craig Chamberlin said.

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Detectives were stumped until Wednesday when someone walked into the sheriff's Medical Lake precinct and reported that a teenage girl was trying to sell guns to other juveniles in the area. That's when deputies realized the burglary victim's daughter, who moved here from Texas five months ago, played a role in the theft.

"She brings an adult male, obviously somebody she knows, into her residence and takes her father's weapons. Multiple weapons from the residence," Chamberlin said.

Detectives developed information that the guns had been delivered to 21-year-old Bradley Kelly and that the teen daughter of the victim had been promised a vehicle if she gave Kelly guns.

They pulled over Kelly Wednesday afternoon and found a Keltec pistol in a tool box and a loaded AK-47 stashed in a sling underneath the bed of the truck. Both weapons had been stolen from the Medical Lake home on Sept. 29.

"It's a start; we have recovered some of the weapons but like I said we still have several more we need to account for and we need to find," Chamberlin said.

In a search for the stolen guns the Spokane County SWAT Team served search warrants at homes near the 1000 block of East Ladd Road, 300 block of East Fellows Road and the 1000 block of North Dover Road.

The owner of the guns said he'd gladly part with all of them as long as the weapons don't end up being used against innocent people. His daughter has not been charged in the case.