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Dash cam video shows wild I-90 police chase

Dash cam video shows wild I-90 police chase

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A married couple responsible for a wild police chase across state lines and through the Spokane Valley won't be getting out of jail anytime soon.

On Tuesday, a Spokane Superior Court judge denied Adolfo Vazquez's request for a bond reduction after he allegedly threw an axe and other tools at pursuing officers.

Vazquez's wife, who was behind the wheel of the stolen car, eventually lost control at Pines and Interstate-90.

It started when an off duty Post Falls Police employee spotted a stolen purple van in a Walmart parking lot.

By the time Officer Pat Eismann can turn his patrol car around, the driver punched the accelerator.

Eismann caught up on I-90, radioing in the vehicle's description and direction.

Post Falls P.D. didn't have the luxury of terminating the pursuit. The stolen van was filled with lawn care equipment. Passenger Adolfo Vazquez broke out the side window.

"When the officers saw the window get shattered, they were concerned potentially about bullets coming down range at them," said Post Falls Police Captain Pat Knight.

But instead of bullets, pursuing officers dodged things like shovels and a leaf blower.

The driver announced the van was low on fuel, so Vazquez leaned out the window with a gas can in a desperate attempt to put more in the tank.

"Didn't know what was happening, but did see an individual hanging out the back window, it appeared he was trying to put gas in his car," said Knight. "But nonetheless, they started throwing items out of the vehicle at that point."

While other officers stopped to get the debris off the interstate, Spokane County joined the pursuit and ended it when Amber Vazquez lost control, leaving I-90.

On Tuesday, she giggled when she was arraigned on car theft and eluding charges.

Police say other drivers did a good job getting away from the pursuit and telling 911 where the Vazquezes had littered the travel lanes with lawn equipment.

"I think the citizenry is getting more involved this day and age," said Knight. "They want to help out. If they see something and they want to call in and be a good witness, where we didn't see that years ago, I think that's a good thing."

Unfortunately for us, people booked into jail for stealing our cars are often put on very low bonds and released the next day.

But because of the danger the Vazquezes allegedly put everyone in the day of this chase, their bond remains at $50,000.