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Cure For Cat campaign launches a second time to save Cat Davis' life

Cure For Cat campaign launches a...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane rallied to save her life once before, and now she needs the community's help again.

The "Cure For Cat" campaign helped Cat Davis pay for a transplant that doctors thought would save her life, but she relapsed, and now needs another transplant.

"My gut feeling is that if this doesn't happen, she might have a year, at best," said Sally Davis, Cat's mother.

Living with scleroderma means everyday is a fight for survival for Cat.

"Right now I'm alive, but I'm not living," she said. "I want more for myself and I want more for everyone else who struggles with scleroderma."

The 29-year-old has spent most of her adult life raising awareness for the disease, which hardens the skin and internal organs. It all began with a diagnosis, which sparked the Cure For Cat campaign.

Four years ago the Spokane community raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for a stem cell transplant that helped Cat keep the disease at bay. Until it didn't.

"We had such high hopes for the first transplant and now that she's relapsed from them, we have to face the fact that we have to do this all over again," said Sally Davis.

Cat must now fight again, this time going through a transplant using her brother's stem cells. The chance of death for Cat this time around is somewhere near 50%.

"I want to fight for those who have died and because of everything that's happened to me over the last few years because of Scleroderma, I'm ready to take that risk," Davis said.

She's launching round two of the Cure For Cat campaign. It began with a video release Wednesday. She hopes the second time through this, she can provide hope for everyone who fights each day to survive. Cat would be the first person with scleroderma to receive this second groundbreaking transplant.

"Yesterday, on Wednesday, we launched the second Cure For Cat campaign and it's been awesome. And the main thing I want people to understand is it's so much different than the first campaign," she said.

On March 18th, Cat will hold a benefit concert at the Service Station as a kickoff fundraiser. She says there are also some events in the works that will be announced soon.

"Spokane is an incredible community and we can do this together and I know, in the end, together we are better and we're going to make a difference," she said.

For more information about events and how you can donate, visit cureforcat.com.