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Court docs: teen's abuse led to grisly murder

SPOKANE, Wash - Court documents say a 22-year-old man murdered his ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend because he felt she was being abused.

Bob Tester was bludgeoned and stabbed to death inside his home south of Spokane on September 6. His 8-year-old daughter was sleeping next to him and was awakened by the sound of her father screaming. She told investigators she saw a man cutting her dad with a knife and sword.

"We made a decision," court documents say the man said to the child. "Me and your father made some decisions and we agree."

The child was able to give a vague description of the man, but his face was covered so that all she could see was his eyes and upper nose. "She did not recognize who the man was but said his voice sounded deep and like a pirate," court documents say.

The child tried to call family members, but wasn't able to reach them. She said she didn't want to call her grandmother until 7 a.m. because that's when her grandmother woke up. So, she laid in bed for approximately five hours before she was able to call her grandmother, who called 911.

Investigators describe a gruesome crime scene as a "substantial blood letting event" with blood spread throughout the home. A splitting maul was found near the body, but investigators did not find any other weapons.

The Spokane County Sheriff's Office learned through their investigation that Tester had a 17-year-old girlfriend who was living with Tester and his daughter. According to court documents, "[She] was assaulted by Bob and on 9/05/16 went to Kootenai County Hospital and was treated for a concussion." Investigators pulled surveillance video from the hospital and saw the woman being treated for her injuries.

According to the young woman, she left the hospital and called her ex-boyfriend, 22-year-old John Radavich, who came to her home. Court documents say Radavich "excused himself that evening 9/05/16 and said he had to take care of something. Bob Tester was killed in the early morning hours of 9/06/16."

Detectives were able to get a hold of a friend of Radavich in late December. The friend lives in Texas and said Radavich called him Christmas Day to tell him he killed Tester. That friend recorded the phone call, in which Radavich described the murder. "Radavich explained Tester was abusing a girl named [redacted] and Radavich finally had to take care of it by killing Bob." Radavich also claimed Tester was using meth and letting his meth dealer abuse the young woman as well.

"Radavich told Ricky he used his 'knight's swords' and that he disposed of his sword on Snoqualmie Pass."

Investigators interviewed the young woman again, who said Radavich told her he killed Tester, but that she didn't believe him.

Radavich was arrested Thursday and charged with first degree murder. He's expected in court Friday afternoon.