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Court docs say man threatened boy with chainsaw

Court docs say man threatened boy with chainsaw

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Robert Pearson, who was arrested in the wake of a property crimes raid, is facing charges stemming from an endangered child who was discovered at one of two residences raided earlier this week.

Pearson, 41, was arrested Tuesday and made his first appearance Wednesday on harassment, trafficking stolen property and possession of a controlled substance charges. According to court documents, Pearson is a friend of Henry Heidecker, the father of the 12-year-old boy deputies discovered Tuesday.

Heidecker allegedly brought his son from Idaho to Pearson's home, located in the 4600 block of North Calvin Road in Trentwood as punishment for stealing. The boy told deputies that he was threatened with a chainsaw.

The boy reportedly told deputies that on Monday he was harassed by Pearson and feared for his life. Pearson allegedly made the boy pick up dog manure with his bare hands at a neighbor's house. During that time, court documents said Pearson grabbed the boy by the chest and pushed him to the ground.

Then, later that night, the boy was lying on the downstairs couch when he told police, Pearson came in with a running chainsaw. Court documents show Pearson told the boy that the next time he did that to his parents, he would chop him up.

Pearson admitted to deputies that he revved up the chainsaw for eight seconds and told the boy he would disappear if he kept his actions up.

Deputies also found bruises on the boy's neck, which he said were from his dad the day before in Idaho.

Heidecker was later arrested in Kootenai County for injury to a child.