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County pools open for summer

Mother Nature clearly not cooperating for opening day

County pools open for summer

SPOKANE, Wash. - Clouds, winds and temperatures in the 60s isn't a great way for kids to start summer vacation, but if they want to brave the cool weather, Spokane County pools opened for the summer Friday.

Down at the Southside Aquatic Center the lifeguards were out on duty, the concession stand was stocked and ready, but there was one thing missing for opening day. Swimmers.

"We hope everybody can come down and swim in our nice heated pool despite the lackluster weather," lifeguard Masen McCormick said.

The Inland Northwest has had 14 straight days of above average temperatures only to greet opening day for county pools with dark clouds threatening rain.

"Unfortunately we can't control the weather but we can work with it," Chris Hoppe with Spokane County said.

While the weather isn't perfect for spending the afternoon at the pool that doesn't mean it's an easy day for the lifeguards.

"It's a great day to finish up all the last minute preparations we may not have been able to get done over the last week," he said.

If you do brave the cold and take a splash on this chilly Friday there are a few perks. You can sit on any lawn chair and have the pool all to yourself.

"Today we have probably had six or seven people come by, we'll probably stay open a little longer and make the best with what we have," Hoppe said.

Mother Nature may not have cooperated Friday but McCormick hopes she does soon, not just for the patrons of the pool but him too.

"Better the weather, more people, the more hours I get to work," he said.

Spokane County pools are now open seven day a week from 10:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. They have a number of special events planned for the summer, including one next week where they'll host the world's largest swimming lesson.

Spokane city pools open on Monday, which is a good thing as the weather forecast is definitely looking up for next week.