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County holding public meeting to discuss trail plan

SPOKANE, Wash. - County trail plan vo

Spokane County is working to improve the way trails are used, connected and built but before they do, they want to know what you think.

The section of Centennial Trail at Kendall Yards is just one example of how public input and careful planning came together to facilitate real improvements, and its that's kind of cooperation between the public and the government that the county hopes will help improve the way trails are accessed and connected in the future.

In 2004 Spokane County received a grant from the National Park Service to create a regional trail plan. Partnering with the Inland Northwest Trails Association, the county spent several years gathering feedback and identifying trail projects that would foster connections between communities, parks, and other modes of transportation.

The plan hasn't been updated since the county commissioners adopted the plan in 2008 and since then several projects have been completed and new projects have been proposed.

On Tuesday a meeting will be held to give the community and the county to get together and get on the same page on the county trails plan.

"This is an opportunity for the public to come and review the different trail projects that are identified and potentially add additional projects to that list," County trails planner Paul Knowles said.

Knowles added maintenance will be a major focus at the meeting. The county will share plans for high interest projects like the proposed Ben Burr and Centennial Trail connection.

That meeting will be held at REI on Monroe Street downtown at 5:30 p.m.