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Counselor resigns after caught having sex with AHCC inmate

AIRWAY HEIGHTS, Wash. - A counselor at the Airway Heights Corrections Center has resigned after she was caught having sex with an inmate who was jailed on a sex-related charge.

A corrections officer noticed the counselor, who has not been named, and the inmate inside a classroom after the prisoner should have already been returned to his housing unit.

The inmate had been participating in an anger management class last Thursday, where he was being counseled for his sex crimes. However the lesson got out on hand when the counselor and prisoner had a very inappropriate interlude.

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What sounds like a joke is no laughing matter for corrections officials, who say inmates need to be safe from sexual misconduct at the hands of the staff as well as other prisoners.

"Being raped in prison is never to be part of an offender's sentence. They are never to be victimized. We are their custodians and we're here to provide their safety and security while they are incarcerated," Risa Kleme with Airway Heights Corrections Center said.

Because the inmate is considered the victim in this case he was transferred to another prison to protect his identity.

The corrections center superintendent found out about the incident right away; the counselor quit as soon as she was confronted by the superintendent.

It will now be up to the Airway Heights Police Department to decide if this case is first or second degree custodial misconduct. ff charges are filed and the case goes to trial at some point, that counselor, who devoted all of her studies to rehabilitating inmates, may someday join their ranks.