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Construction worker recovering after shooting in Spokane Valley

Construction worker recovering after shooting in Spokane Valley

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - A construction worker is recovering after a shooting in the Spokane Valley Thursday afternoon.

Spokane County Sheriff's Deputies responded to a construction site near the intersection of Adams and Cataldo to find a man who had been struck in the back while operating some machinery.

Based on the angle of the shot, officers were able to focus on one home straight across from the site.

"One of our deputies actually was able to see inside the shop, see a gun safe and see a firearm leaning up against the safe, which obviously lead us to focus our attention on that residence," said Deputy Craig Chamberlin.

A man at that home was detained but not arrested. Investigators are looking into what he may have used to fire the shot, and whether or not it was an intentional attack. Investigators are also waiting on test results to find out what kind of projectile was fired to decide what charges the man could face.

"If it's a rifle or a .22 or something similar to that obviously it's gong to be a felony charge. Possibly first degree assault, second degree assault," Deputy Chamberlin said.

If the weapons turns out to be a pellet gun, charges could be similar to reckless endangerment or aiming and discharging a firearm.

The construction worker was transported to an area hospital but is expected to make a full recovery.