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Community rallies around returning Freeman students

Community rallies around returning...

ROCKFORD, Wash. - Support continues to pour in from the community as students try to get back into their normal routine at Freeman High School, less than a week since last Wednesday's tragic shooting.

Students spent their second day back at school Tuesday.

Superintendent Randy Russell told Kxly4 Tuesday that the support from the community has been amazing through this tragedy.

He said that support is only making students and staff at Freeman stronger. And that strength is on display as students help each other try to return to normalcy.

For many students, Freeman High School has become a place of healing. It's a place where friends can get together to lean on each other through the pain. And as this community heals, support from around the region is only growing.

Shirts and sweatshirts with the words 'Freeman Strong' are flying off the shelf. Brunette Sportswear, the creator of those popular shirts, is now donating the money raised to a college fund. The total so far is more than $10,000.

“It's been overwhelming,” said Greg Brunette, owner of Brunette Sportswear. “Our shop has pretty much been shutdown since we started doing these.”

The support extends beyond just the school community.

Albertsons donated food and water to the first responders, who had to witness the aftermath of the horrific crime.

“I knew we were going to need to help some people,” said Jerry Howard, Albertsons Store Director. “There was a job out there to do and it was going to last a long time.”

And all these acts of kindness are only making 'Freeman Strong' even stronger.

“When you're getting that kind of support, it can't help but do what it's done for us, which is it makes you feel better about the situation that you're in and it gives you hope that tomorrow is going to be even a little bit more of a better day,” said Russell.

In one gesture of many, seniors offered to take the second floor lockers so the underclassmen don't have to use them.

Russell said the seniors have really stepped up.