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Community members, Gonzaga students react to first presidential debate

SPOKANE, Wash. - Gonzaga students and community members were glued to the TV, closely analyzing what both candidates had to say during the presidential debate Wednesday night.

They watched for a hour and a half as President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney went back and forth on the economy, health care and the role of government.

This was the first presidential debate Megan Schulz watched as a voter.

"My dad is self-employed. So I'm kind of curious to look at the tax ideas and tax cuts," said Schulz.

Some already knew which candidate will get their vote.

Community members, Gonzaga students react to first presidential debate

"I think he's done a good job for the situation he entered into," said Taylor Webb, who supports President Obama.

For those on the fence, like Schulz, she said the debate was important to watch, but not enough to sway her a decision one way or the other.

"It gave a basis for what I want to look at on my own," said Schulz.

While voters took notes on each candidates' vision for job growth and health care, they also noticed their debating style.

"I wish that Romney had done a little less trampling the moderator. It was interesting to see the negative audience reaction to that. I wish Obama would have seemed a little less defensive during Romney's talking points," said Gonzaga debate coach Steve Pointer.

People who spoke to KXLY said they are looking for more details about the candidates plans and visions, but didn't expect to get a lot of details during the debate due to the restricted response times.