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Colville boy honored for thwarting violent school plot

COLVILLE, Wash. - A Colville boy who stood up against violence at his elementary school earlier this month is now being honored for his bravery and courage to do the right thing.

On Wednesday night, the Colville School Board presented 10-year old Justin Sanders with an award, golden apple and pin.

"It was pretty cool actually," Justin Sanders said.

Colville boy honored for thwarting violent school plot

Earlier this month, while getting off the school bus at Fort Colville Elementary, Justin noticed another student fumbling with his backpack.

"I was watching him playing with his backpack.  He got off, walking and slipped. Still playing with his backpack, zipper open, tripped and there was a bunch of papers and also a knife," Justin said.

"After it happened it scared me really bad so went inside and tried to go find Mr. Richards," he added.

Soon after, staff discovered not only a knife, but a gun, ammunition and a plot to kill a girl and injure several others at school.

A 10 and 11-year old boy have since been expelled and now face criminal charges.

"For one I'm proud, whole town is proud of this boy," Ft. Colville Principal Clayton Allen said.

"He made the right decision.  He could've choose to walk away, easily ignore that.  But, he knew that was wrong and had to tell somebody," Allen said

Principal Allen, Debbie Rogers and Richard Payette were also recognized for their swift action.

Allen hopes Justin's bravery and quick thinking will inspire other students to speak up when they see or hear something that doesn't seem right.