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Coffee advertisement stirs up controversy

Coffee advertisement stirs up controversy

Spokane Valley - Take a drive down Sprague Avenue in Spokane Valley, and you may find yourself looking at a naked woman on a sign outside of 2nd Base Lingerie Espresso.

KXLY4 is choosing to blur the woman on the sign. To describe, she's wearing nothing but a g-string and some angel wings with her backside to the camera and holding her hair. It's only been displayed since last week, but already it's causing outrage.

"It's completely unacceptable and I am offended," Susan Evans said.

Evans was eating across the street with her husband and four kids Sunday when she found herself face to face with the woman on it. She thinks something that graphic shouldn't be put in a place the public can see it.

"This must be taken down," Evans said.

The sign is both in front and to the rear of the coffee shop.

Both signs are about ten feet high and are completely visible to people driving by.

"It's a busy street and a lot of families do drive up and down it," Taylor Walsdorf said.

Walsdorf said he understands it's advertising, but thinks that it's a little over the top.

"I think they could have done a little bit better advertising outdoor and that's just my opinion," Walsdorf said.

Joey Johnston who works across the street at Burger Express said he personally doesn't have a problem with it, but can see why people are upset.

"This is a family restaurant and this area, people drive by all the time," Johnston said. "Like I said, I don't have a problem with it, maybe if it was just a little less revealing."

Others said off camera that it's no worse than some of the lingerie commercials that run on television. KXLY reached out to the owner of 2nd Base Lingerie Espresso and she declined to talk on camera. She said over the phone that the only problem she's run into is the City saying the sign is too tall. So she's currently in the process of addressing the issue.

Spokane Valley City Council passed an ordinance back in November that requires workers to cover up. Per the new municipal code, women can only show half of their breast, but no nipple. The only restriction for a person's backside prohibits showing the anus.