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City works on clearing streets as a snowy leaf collection begins

City works on clearing streets as...

SPOKANE, Wash. - The city spent Monday morning de-icing and laying sand along problem areas, like bridges and hills, but pulled crews away from that as the morning progressed, putting them onto regularly scheduled leaf pickup.  

They will have to wait until the next snowfall to implement the city's new snow plan which during heavy snowfall will be able to clear the city in three days instead of four, will employ more plows, and will ask residents to park on the odd side of streets to make way for crews starting Nov. 15. 

"I feel like we didn't get much of a fall before snow fell," said resident Amber Ashby. 

The snow beat the city to leaf cleanup, making for a heavy task. 

"Our goal is get up those pine needles and those leaves that can become a problem and catch in the drains," said Marlene Feist, spokesman for the City of Spokane Public Works department. 

In addition to clogged drains, the city says it's important to get the leaves cleaned up so they don't exacerbate the icy driving conditions, especially given that any roads that didn't fully dry by Monday evening will freeze as temperatures drop below freezing overnight. 

Leaf cleanup crews will begin their work in the Audubon area,  then will move to the North Side, the South Side, and then the city's core. Clean-up will continue into the second week of December.