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Cheney family finds burglars ransacked home

CHENEY, Wash. - Family heirlooms, televisions and Christmas presents were among the items stolen from a Cheney home when the Wells family came home Wednesday night to find their home ransacked.

Thieves had broken in, tore their house apart, and now the family is left to try and clean up the mess.

That mess extends to the outside of their home, where thieves cut all power, cable and phone lines running into the house. Then the thieves broke a window and started grabbing anything they could.

Home ransacked

Erin Wells said the thieves got away with electronics, Christmas presents and several boxes of jewelry, including her parents wedding rings. They even got away with an old video camera capturing the first few months of their baby's life.

In all the thieves caused approximately $15,000 in damage.

She added the burglars must've been spooked, because they left a pile of loot by the front door.

"The house was just trashed, they had turned over dressers, thrown contents of drawers out, thrown drawers across the room, taken everything they could get their hands on, stuff that wasn't worth anything, and stuff that wasn't worth anything, so just random things that didn't make sense," Wells said.

The Wells family is now working around the clock to clean up the mess, install a security system, gates and also talking their neighbors to have them also watch out to keep themselves and their property safe.

Even though they've been burglarized Christmas will go on. Erin's co-workers at Northwest Farm Credit Services raised money to make sure her family's holiday will be merry and bright.