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Central Valley schools in middle of major facelift

Central Valley schools in middle of major facelift

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Central Valley School District is neck deep in construction to build and renovate its schools, thanks to a $121.9 million bond.

Opportunity, Chester, Sunrise, Greenacres, and Liberty Creek Elementary, Summit School, Horizon Middle School, and Evergreen Middle School, are all currently under construction.

Two more school are in design and construction will begin in the spring.

Construction will begin on Ponderosa, a new elementary school, in January.

While it's a disruption for families now, the district says the projects will be a big improvement for students when it's all done.

The school district says these renovations will allow students to attend school in their own neighborhoods and improve school safety.

Greenacres Elementary School looks a bit like a maze to an outsider, but the construction doesn't seem to faze the teachers and kids here.

"It's been challenging just because the square footage of classrooms is small," said Greenacres Principal Lindsay Kent, "but it's really been business as usual as far as academics go."

Greenacres is just one of eight Central Valley School District schools under construction.

"Then we have two more in design that we'll start construction this spring," explained Superintendent Ben Small.

This construction extravaganza is thanks to the $121.9 million bond voters passed in February 2015.

"It is the first bond we've passed in 17 years in our district," Small said, "and as this has moved forward, I think there's momentum that comes with that."

At some of the schools, including Greenacres, students are still in the building as construction goes on around them.

"I'm just really excited for our kids to have a chance to have the learning environment they deserve to that is really conducive to their learning," Kent said.

Other schools, including Chester Elementary, are empty with students in temporary locations around the district.

Superintendent Small says he knows how disruptive the construction is to families. He says he is grateful to the community for passing the bond that will allow smaller elementary class sizes, better security, and students to attend their neighborhood schools.

"The thing that is exciting for me overall, is our students will come back and be in great learning environments," Small said.

Chester Elementary School is expected to be finished this spring, and Greenacres will be done in 2017.

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