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"Cars For Charities" parts out used cars for cash

"Cars For Charities" parts out used cars for cash

SPOKANE, Wash. - People can't always give cash to their favorite charities, but there are other ways to help, like the "Cars For Charity" program, which has been around since 1996 and has collected thousands of used cars to be parted out for cash.

Donating to your favorite charity has never been easier all you really need to do is call a telephone number, Pull and Save will come get your vehicle and they will donate the proceeds from parting it out to your favorite local charity. It is a great way to help out and do a little spring cleaning around your property.

"Call the number, 928-1900, very, very simple process to do," Carlos Orelanna with Pull and Save Auto Parts said.

Ken Daniel with the Spokane Guild School said these car donations go a long way.

"Every dollar counts for what we receive. All of us need those extra dollars. Every dollar goes so far," Daniel said.

And the process couldn't be easier.

"It takes about five to ten tops as far as doing the paperwork, it's very, very simple we have free towing," Orelanna said.

Free towing! It doesn't get better than that, but if you needed another reason to make the call, know that donations also benefit Spokane County Fire District 9.

Without junk cars donated to them, "We would be lucky to be able to purchase vehicles once a year and that is just not enough," SCFD 9 Lieutenant Dan Ashe said.

Ashe said that's money they just don't have and staying current with new cars and technology is a must

"It's quite a bit of effort to stay on top of that and to be able to come out here and work on these vehicles, it's imperative to what we do," he said

So take five minutes, call 928-1900, and you can have a huge impact in the way our community helps others.