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Cannabis facility captures armed man's every move during break-in

Cannabis facility captures armed...

SPOKANE, Wash. - In the last few weeks there have been several crimes at Spokane-area pot shops. On September 10, Cameron Smith was kidnapped and murdered outside of the Cheney shop at which he worked. Days after his body was recovered several retailers were hit in an overnight crime spree.

On Saturday morning, just after 5am, a cannabis processing plant , ODO Inc. on West First Avenue, was added to that list after an armed man broke into the facility.

The facility captured the man's every move as he broke down a door handle with his rifle, and tried to damage a box of computers that looked like a security camera system.

On his way out, he stopped in a kitchen and turned on four burners. He threw items on top of the hot stove, like a plastic bag of salt in an attempt to start a fire. All while tenants in the building slept on the floors above.

Michael West, the COO of ODO Incorporated added, “he did turn off the water to the building, he did disable our elevator. Whether or not it was intent to burn down the building or not he certainly potentially risked a fire that could have been catastrophic. “

The armed man wreaked havoc in the building for 15 minutes, but stole nothing.

It's the latest in a string of Spokane-area crimes where marijuana businesses have been the target. And while the cannabis industry is among the most heavily regulated, the security measures put into place work.

“Essentially the entire building is under video surveillance,” said West.

And because of the carelessness of the intruder, he hopes it will be a slam dunk case once Spokane Police are able to arrest him.

“Fortunately, he left behind a bunch of bloody fingerprints, he cut himself when he was breaking in one of the windows,” said West.

If you know who the armed man in the surveillance video is, or have information on the break-in, you are urged to call Crime Check at 456-2233.