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Brush fire destroys home near Mead

Brush fire destroys home near Mead

MEAD, Wash. - Fire investigators are working to figure out how three separate brush fires sparked near Mead destroying a home and three outbuildings.

The fires were reported Tuesday night off Peone Road.

The largest fire was estimated to be 10 acres in size and was quickly stopped by fire crews.

"There will probably be people here all evening," DNR Information Officer Guy Giffords said. "We currently have over 50 firefighters on scene from Spokane County Fire District 9, District 4, DNR and BLM."

The Department of Natural Resources says they had fire fighters in the area as they were prepared to deal with severe weather that moved through.

"We had task forces stationed throughout the region," Giffords said. "As the system came through they repositioned themselves until the fire started and that allowed quick response to these fires."

The DNR says someone lives in the home that burned but as of Tuesday night they were unsure if the occupants were home at the time.