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Brothers arrested for raping teen

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash. - Sheriff's deputies have arrested two brothers for raping a 14-year-old girl after luring her away from a Value Village in Spokane Valley. 

Three teenage girls were at the Value Village when they were approached by four men in a car who invited them back to their apartment near the 500 block of South Farr Road.

One of the suspects, Ramadan Abbas, 19, was already going to stand trial next month on a strong arm robbery charge. Sheriff's deputies say while he was waiting for his next turn in court, Abbas and his brother Salah, 23, lured the trio of teenagers away from the store back to their apartment.

Brothers rape vo

When they arrived at the apartment, two of the men left, leaving the Abbas brothers in the apartment with the girls.

"Once they got back here to the apartment complex there was some alcohol and marijuana involved. Unfortunately two brothers, two adult brothers, took one of the girls and held her down and they both took turns repeatedly raping this 14-year-old," Deputy Craig Chamberlin with the Spokane County Sheriff's Office said.

The victim's friends had apparently already passed out in another room of the apartment; the 14-year-old girl was targeted for the attack because she was the last girl who was still conscious.

The next morning she told her mother what had happened.

"She reported it. She hasn't held anything back from investigators. She gave us excellent information which led to two successful search warrants this morning and now we have those two men in jail for second degree rape," Chamberlin said.

During an interview with a detective, Ramadan Abbas admitted he and his brother had raped the girl, also confirming they knew she was only 14. During a separate interview with Saleh Abbas at the apartment where the rape happened, he also confirmed he and his brother had raped the girl.

The Abbas brothers made their first appearances in court Monday. They were the last to appear in court because corrections deputies didn't want other inmates to know what the brothers had allegedly done for fear they'd be attacked while behind bars.