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Boy guilty in elementary school murder plot

COLVILLE, Wash. - Colville boy sentenced vo

A judge has found an 11-year-old boy guilty of first-degree conspiracy to commit murder for a plot to kill a classmate at Fort Colville Elementary School earlier this year.

Judge Allen Nielson found the boy not guilty of tampering with a witness.

Neilson gave a full explanation before handing down his verdict Friday afternoon in a shocking case where two boys, ages 11 and 10, plotted to kill a fellow student.

The 10-year-old pleaded guilty earlier this year while the 11-year-old's lawyers took the case to court.

The two Fort Colville Elementary School boys brought a knife and a gun to school on Feb. 7 to carry out their plan, the defendant ready to stab a girl who had been teasing him.

In court, the defense argued the 11-year-old had limited capacity to form intent, brought on by pediatric bipolar disorder, and often pretended to be Spider-Man's Peter Parker or a character from the popular video game Zelda. The prosecution disagreed.

While his attorneys tried to make his case, the boy spent most of the trial doodling on a notepad.

In the end, the boys' planning of the crime ultimately played into Judge Neilson's ruling.

A sentencing hearing has been scheduled for Nov. 8.