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Body camera footage of Sgt. Moore's shooting shown in court

COEUR D'ALENE, Idaho - During a murder trial Monday for the man accused of killing a Coeur d'Alene Police Sergeant, jurors had to watch and listen as Sgt. Greg Moore's body camera footage recorded the last moments of his life.

You can see Jonathan Renfro, who is on trial for killing Moore, on camera being questioned by Sgt. Moore.

Renfro says his truck is broken down, and he needs to be at work by 4 a.m.

But in 911 audio, dispatchers inform Moore that Renfro is on parole, and also a suspect in a gas siphoning case.

At that point, Moore asks Renfro if he has anything on him he needs to know about, and when he motions to Renfro to walk toward his vehicle, Renfro approaches, holding a gun in his jacket pocket. He points it in Moore's direction and pulls the trigger.

A couple of minutes later, the body camera video shows Renfro standing over Moore's body, searching the officer.

It's hard to watch, and made court-goers understandably upset. Several were wiping their eyes, some even refusing to watch. And it's wasn't the only video submitted as evidence.

The state also presented dashcam video from Jacob Pleger, the first officer to arrive on scene and find Moore. In it, Pleger is seen driving up to Moore lying in the street, a pool of blood around his head. You can then hear Pleger's desperate cries for Moore to hang on as he renders aid.

In all, the state called nine witnesses to the stand Monday.

They questioned the first officers to respond to the scene, the 911 operator, and the neighbor who woke up to the gunshot, and found Sgt. Moore laying on the ground outside his house.

The trial will continue Tuesday with dashcam video from Sgt. Moore's vehicle.

If Renfro is found guilty when the trial is over, the jury will have to decide if he should be put to death.