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Boat patrols increased for holiday weekend

Boat patrols increased for holiday weekend

SPOKANE COUNTY, Wash. - The Spokane County Sheriff's deputies have high patrols out on the water ways for the holiday weekend, looking to do everything they can to keep lake goers safe.

Where they say their main focus is to educate, Deputy Eric Epperson said they will use enforcement when necessary.

"We get the big influx of people it's their one, two or three times a year on the water and they forget things. They want to have a good time, we want them to do that, but in a safe manner," said Epperson.

The week leading up to July 4th patrols have put a lot of attention on Operation Dry Water.

"It's a big focus on us working with people to not drink and operate the vessels," said Epperson

Deputy Epperson said he hasn't given one boating under the influence. Where they have given out a lot of minor infractions, there hasn't been anything too major.

"The most common violation we see is people with no floatation devices, not personal floatation devices," said Epperson.

Especially with people using paddle boards. Other violations include expired registration tabs and getting within 100 feet of another vessel.

Another big thing Deputy Epperson said he's seen a lot of, "Is the boater education card it's now age 60 and below and people are forgetting they need those cards."

By law people who are operating a vessel with more than 15 horse power are required to take the safety education course in order to get the boater education card.

For more details on how to obtain a voter education card click here.