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Bo Kirk murder suspect sentenced to life in prison

Bo Kirk muder suspect sentenced to...

KOOTENAI COUNTY, Idaho - One of the two men responsible for the random and ruthless murder of a Coeur d'Alene family man will spend the rest of his life in prison.

A Kootenai County Judge sentenced David Hutto to an Idaho State Prison without the possibility of parole on Monday.

Hutto and his accomplice, Justin Roy Booth, admit to kidnapping Bo Kirk at gunpoint as Kirk pulled into his driveway last October.

The killers managed to cover their tracks until one of them got cold feet and went to Sheriff's Detectives.
It was Bo Kirk's wife Amanda who gave investigators some of their best information about her husband being in trouble.

Just hours after he disappeared, Mrs. Kirk noticed someone had used an ATM to loot the couple's bank account, and she called 911.

And we now know it was David Hutto who was behind the wheel of Bo Kirk's stolen pick up truck when it pulled into the US Bank in Hayden.

Just one hour earlier, Hutto had forced Kirk to give up his pin numbers for his debit and credit cards, and shortly after that, Hutto and Justin Booth drove Kirk to the Hayden Creek gun range where he was shot to death.

Today in court, Hutto's defense attorneys blamed Booth for pulling the trigger.

The defense alleges Booth was one of Kirk's patient's at Northwest Specialty Hospital, and that Booth feared Kirk recognized him during the kidnapping.

Prosecutors don't know who fired the fatal shot, saying both Booth and Hutto are equally responsible for Kirk's death.

The investigation showed that before Kirk was kidnapped, the suspects had planned a car-jacking in the Landings or near North Idaho College.

But both Booth and Hutto were looking for a pickup truck and when Kirk drove past them on Ramsey Road, they chose Kirk as their new target.

Detectives got a big break in the case when Booth got an attorney and implicated himself and Hutto in the killing.

Booth says the same night Kirk was shot the defendants returned to Booth's home and burned the clothes and gloves seen in the surveillance video.

Booth's information led to Hutto's indictment.

“It appears to be a random attack,” said Deputy Prosecutor Rebecca Perez. “Deliberate and brutal. Following the murder the defendant took measure to hide what had happened by purchasing some gasoline, burning Mr. Kirk's car, further victimizing Mr. Kirk's family by using Mr. Kirk's credit cards.”

Kirk's family delivered heart-wrenching statements in Hutto's court hearing. “His family was his number one priority, and all he did was make sure we were safe and happy,” said Chelsea, Bo's daughter. “Every single day I look out the window and cry because I don't see my dad's truck parked in the driveway.”

And so the question is, when will Mr. Booth be charged in this case? We know he's up in the Bonner County jail for illegally possessing the gun that killed Bo Kirk, but so far no charges from the state.

That may be because the prosecutor wanted to focus on convicting Hutto first, and then go after Booth now that Hutto can't take back his guilty pleas.