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Bloomsday Run adjusts to Riverfront Park's redesign

Bloomsday Run adjusts to Riverfront...

SPOKANE, Wash. - Riverfront Park's redesign is requiring a few adjustments to be made to this year's Bloomsday Run.

When asked about working around downtown's construction, Lilac Bloomsday Association President Mark Starr smiled.

"It's kind of a dynamic thing," he said. "We're changing things on the fly, but so far so good. We haven't had major hurdles yet."

From an outsiders perspective, one major hurdle would be Riverfront Park. For years the downtown landmark has been the scene for post-race runners to celebrate a successful day. This year, that won't be an option.

"Riverfront Park is going through a little bit of a redesign that'll be with us for one or two or maybe even three years to come,” said Starr. “We're making adjustments using the downtown core - continuing our parties down there. We'll have all our same festivities that we've had in years past we're just going to have to move them around a little bit."

Beyond downtown, the iconic Doomsday Hill has had some work as well, with fresh seed canvassing the hillside adjacent to the road.

Race officials met with Halme Construction on Monday morning to make sure the progress doesn't regress on Race Day.

“They got it all landscaped for us this year, prior to the start of the race, and we're just making sure that we take adequate precaution so that the spectators don't get into the landscape," said Starr.

The weather poses a whole different kind of issue.

"Everything I've read says really nice and sunny," said Starr.

For a race map as well as a list of street closures and parking options, visit https://www.bloomsdayrun.org/race-information/course-maps.