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Bed bug population growing in Spokane

Bed Bug Population Growing in Spokane

SPOKANE, Wash. - Pest control experts say the bed bug problem in Spokane is crazy. So crazy, in fact, they can barely keep up with demand for treatment

Pointe Pest Control says in just one week they've done over 100 apartment inspections. On average, they've been inspecting 40 to 50 homes a week. It seems the biggest myth surrounding bed bugs is to blame as most people think they only infest dirty homes. Since they can live up to five months without a meal and are easily transferable anyone is susceptible.

Raymond Vanderlouw of Pointe Pest Control said: “I think most people are pretty unsuspecting. You can maintain a low-level population for an extended period of time. Usually, its about a month or two before people start to put two and two together and connect the dots.”

The biggest indicators of an infestation are bug bites and black dots along your sheets that might look like make-up. If you find them, act immediately. Its best to call in the experts immediately. Infestations can get out of control quickly.

Two of the most popular treatments used by Pointe Pest Control are heat and chemicals. For a heat treatment, pest experts will heat your home to 120 degrees to kill the bugs. Chemical treatments happen over a four week period. Experts will spray your entire home; not just the infested area.

Avoid taking matters in to your own hands by using sprays as those can drive the bugs further in to the places they've infested.

With such a demand for treatment, you may need to wait a few days. There are several things you can do to make sure the infestation doesn't spread.

-Keep a cool temperature throughout the home
-Wash bedding, clothes and blankets in warm water if possible.
-Put anything that may have bed bugs on them in the dryer. The heat of a dryer should kill them. It is recommended you leave the items in there for as long as possible.