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Bed, breakfast and bud

Bed, breakfast and bud

In its first day of sales, the state of Washington brought in more than $60,000 dollars in pot tax revenue and now private businesses are trying to cash in on the 'budding' tourism industry.

"This home was built in 1899 for the third mayor of Spokane," Louie Flores III, owner of 1899 House Bed & Breakfast, said.

Flores knows people will be flying and driving to Spokane to buy pot. He hopes if they need a place to stay and smoke, they consider staying at his B & B.

"They can smoke and it's full transparency," Flores said.

Flores first thought of the idea when a guest called a few months ago, asking if she could smoke medical marijuana there.

"There is no place around here to do it and looking at the Colorado situation that was one of the biggest things," Flores said.

While this B & B encourages its guest to smoke and stay, they don't allow it inside. Instead, they have an outdoor patio, closed off to the public that guests can smoke at.

"The marijuana tourism has picked up some reservations but it's not all of our reservations," Flores said.

But this B & B is slowly becoming a vacation destination for those wishing to get high. They have upcoming guests coming in from Miami and Canada to take advantage of Washington's legal weed.

"People have called me a ganjapreneurs but it's just about being hospitable to the guests," Flores said.

1899 House Bed & Breakfast will still keep all its old amenities in tact but now, you can enjoy your fresh baked cookie while getting baked outside. Instead of Bed & Breakfast, one might call it Bud & Breakfast.