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Beck's Harvest House opens for the season

Beck's Harvest House open for the season

COLBERT, Wash. - Easter weekend marks the start of the season for Beck's Harvest House.

After having to cancel the event the last two years because of muddy field conditions, thousands of people came out to participate in their orchard egg hunt.

Families were happy to take advantage of the great weather and get outdoors.

"Just wanted to be out and enjoy the sun and enjoy family time together," said Joel Brennan, who visited the orchards Sunday with his family.

A lot more people came out than Beck's Harvest House had anticipated.

"Which is great we love having the people come out," said Todd Beck, Beck's Harvest House Owner.

Beck said the spring is a great time to visit because the crowds are smaller, and it's one of the prettiest times of year.

"You can really see nature open up for the spring and it's just a great get away. Get the kids out here and show them how fruit starts and where it comes from," said Beck.

Beck's Harvest House is open Friday through Sunday, then seven days a week starting in mid May.