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Beating suspect ordered held in custody

SPOKANE, Wash, - Beating suspect in custody

The teen suspect in an attack on a man outside the Satellite Diner has been ordered to be held in custody due to his escalating violent behavior.

Patrick Anthony Cloud, 17, was arrested Thursday afternoon, hours after the beating in front of the Satellite Diner at 1:30 a.m. Thursday.

During the court hearing, Cloud's probation officer recommended he remain in custody due to a long history of arrests.

Before Cloud allegedly sucker punched that man Thursday morning, after that victim confronted him for allegedly trying to steal from a taxi, court documents show he was hitting his own parents as they tried to keep him under control. His most recent arrest came after he allegedly stole a bottle of vodka from a Safeway supermarket on August 24.

Prosecutors concurred with the probation officer's recommendation to keep Cloud in custody.

"Based on the escalating behavior in a short amount of time and the serious nature of the charges against members of the community we think he is a community safety risk and therefore should be detained," Deputy Prosecutor Jenny Zappone said.

In addition to the attack at the Satellite Diner, Cloud has also been charged in connection with the break-in at Sport Town, which caused an estimated $18,000 in damage. In that case Cloud has been charged with second degree burglary and malicious mischief.

In the attack at the Satellite Diner, Cloud has been charged with second degree assault.

Judge Michael Price said that because of Cloud's long history of bad behavior and the unprovoked attack on the victim, followed by a celebration that was caught on camera, Price considered Cloud a danger to the community and ordered he remain in juvenile detention until his trial.

A trial date has not been set.