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Avondre Graham admits killing Sharlotte McGill

SPOKANE, Wash. - Avondre Graham, the 17-year-old suspected of stabbing a woman to death while she was walking her dog in May, has admitted to the murder.

Graham claims he was sitting on a rock outside his South Riverton apartment when McGill walked by, made a negative comment about the music Graham was listening to then insulted him by using a racial slur.

He told investigators he followed McGill down Tuffy's Trail and threw a baseball-sized rock at McGill, hitting her in the head.

The rock knocked McGill to her knees and Graham says he them jumped on top of her and used his folding knife to stab her multiple times.

Before she died, McGill told police that she had seen her attacker around her apartment complex but did not know where he lived.

Avondre admits murder vo

Witnesses who heard McGill screaming say they saw someone matching Graham's description exit the trail and then walk into the complex headed for Graham's apartment.

Detectives said Graham further demonstrated direct knowledge of the murder by taking investigators back to the scene and accurately describing McGill's dog and clothing style.

The tour Graham gave to investigators was recorded as well.

When asked why Graham attacked McGill and two other women, including a Gonzaga student on August 29, Graham said, "I wanted them to feel the pain I was feeling."

Graham told investigators he was upset that his uncle was in the hospital and had been declared "brain dead" by doctors. His uncle died the day McGill was killed.

While he has admitted to killing McGill detectives have said that DNA collected from McGill's body does not match Graham's.

He also admitted responsibility for attacking Debbie Watkins and stealing her cell phone on September 13.

Spokane County Prosecutor Steve Tucker hopes to bring the three attacks -- the one on McGill, the August 29 attack and the September 13 attack -- together in one criminal case against Graham.

"It will still be up to the court if we can have them go all together or if we have to split them up into different trials, but hopefully we can do it all at once and a jury can get a good picture of what this guy really is," Tucker said Wednesday.

Prosecutors plan to ask a Superior Court judge to find that probable cause exist to hold graham on a murder charge Thursday. If that happens, Graham's $250,000 will likely be increased.