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Autopsy fails to identify body found in Spokane River

SPOKANE, Wash. - River body investigation vo

An autopsy has failed to identify a woman found floating in the Spokane River on Friday.

The body found Friday is the third found along the river since November in part because this time year there's not a lot of current and the Upriver Dam creates a great deal of slack water between the dam and Donkey Island. The victims could have entered the water anywhere from Argonne Road and Post Falls and so distance makes finding out what happened to them that much more difficult.

The woman found in the river Friday was fully clothed and showed no signs of trauma. They are things that seem to make it less likely her death was a crime but sheriff's detectives need to be certain, which is why they are asking for the public's assistance to identify her.

She's described as possibly white or Native American, 40 to 50 years old with dark, shoulder length hair. She's received good dental care over the years, has no tattoos or scars and wasn't wearing any jewelry. Her clothing included a green sweater with black stretch pants that had a white and red border at the waist.

The autopsy showed she had been in the river for at least two weeks or possibly longer.

Major Crimes investigators want to know if her death was an accident, suicide or if someone killed the victim and then dumped her in the river but can't answer any of those questions until they know who she is.

"Any time we have an unattended death the information about what's happened the last few days of their life, the last few hours of their life, even the last few minutes of their life can help us figure out exactly what happened so we know whether there was any criminal action or not," Spokane County Sheriff's Deputy Mark Gregory said.

The woman does not match any missing person reports so if you know someone who's missing and this description sounds familiar you're asked to call Crime Check at 456-2233.