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Apartment traffic a concern for Liberty Lake parents

Apartment traffic a concern for Liberty Lake parents

LIBERTY LAKE, Wash. - An already busy bus stop in Liberty Lake is about to get busier, and parents say it's a disaster waiting to happen.

The Central Valley School District picks up and drops off students at the corner of Country Vista and Legacy Ridge Drive. An apartment complex is under construction just to the east.

Parents say the apartments themselves won't be the issue, it's a proposed access point on Legacy Ridge Drive that will funnel more traffic into an already busy bus stop area. It's something parents say can be avoided.

Hundreds of little feet pound the sidewalk at Country Vista and Legacy Ridge Drive each school day.

"You can have anywhere from five to six buses in the morning and six to seven in the afternoon," said parent Katie Frederick.

But with new construction just a block away, parents like Frederick say the busy bus stop will only get busier and more dangerous.

"It's a disaster waiting to happen, somebody will get hurt and hopefully it won't be a child," said Frederick.

The problem, they say, is a proposed road that would connect a part of a new apartment complex to Legacy Ridge Drive and put more cars on an already congested road. Especially during school pick up and drop off.

"We want this entrance to go away, it does not need to be there," said Frederick.

Frederick and other parents say the Liberty Lake City Council told them the plans were already approved.

"Their hands are tied," said Frederick. "That the builder has met building code and they can't do anything about it."

The city says it approved the plan because it can't keep a property owner from accessing a public street. The complex also needed more fire access and another entrance point for better traffic flow inside the complex. Neighbors say the city needs to make a change to keep those little feet safe.

"There's adequate space for this apartment complex to exit onto Country Vista," said Frederick.

The city says it is willing to work residents and the builder to try and come up with a plan to keep everyone safe. There is a public meeting Oct. 13 at Liberty Lake City Hall at 7 p.m. to address the issue.