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AP vote counting centers ready for Election Day

SPOKANE, Wash. - Spokane will play a major role in helping figure out who our next president is as the Associated Press has set up shop at both Eastern Washington University and downtown.

To put it in perspective just how large Spokane's role is, the Associated Press officially tabulates the votes for president on election night. There are only four AP tabulation centers in the United States and two of them are here in Spokane County.

On Election Day 350 will be working to tabulate votes for president from 22 states.

This past Saturday students at EWU practiced inputting election results into the system. Many of the students had done this once before during the primary election.

Even though the two other AP calculation centers are on the east coast -- one in New York and the other in New Jersey -- the AP continues to have a site in the Inland Northwest because they say it's worked out so well in the past.

The AP has been tabulating votes in Spokane County since 2000.