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Anti-bullying program starts up in Spokane

Anti-bullying program starts up in...

SPOKANE, Wash. - An anti-bullying program is starting up in the Spokane area.

The program is just one of many offered by a new personal safety company, “Defensive Reality.”

That company opens in Nine Mile Falls this Sunday.

The “Bully-Proofing” program offers specialized training courses for children ages five through 13.

The company's hope is to combat the growing problem of bullying among children.

“Three million kids every month in the United States don't go to school because of bullying. So we wanted to provide a solution actually help them deescalate the situation, and be able to defend themselves not only phsyically, but also emotionally and phsycoloigcally,” said Katy Brown, President of Defensive Reality.

The anti-bullying program is taught by Derek Cleveland, a personal protection, defensive tactics, and close quarter combat specialist.

To celebrate their grand opening, Defensive Reality is offering a free anti-bullying seminar from one to two this Sunday afternoon.

Anyone interested in attending the seminar can register on their website.