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Alcohol, argument ended in campsite homicides

SPOKANE, Wash. - Alcohol and a fight over someone hitting another man's car were the catalyst for a double homicide in Pend Oreille County over the weekend.

Steven Divine, 22, and Richard Hill, 18, were killed at a campsite at the Yocum Lake Campground near Ione early Sunday morning.

Pend Oreille County Sheriff Alan Botzheim said Monday that there were two groups of people camping at the Yocum Lake Campground. The fight started when someone hit Divine's car. A fight broke out and at some point Divine pulled out a gun while Hill pulled out a knife.

Campground homicides video

Officials described the men as acquaintances.

Deputies received a 911 call at 12:20 Sunday morning and by the time authorities were at the scene Divine was dead from a stab wound to the abdomen while Hill had died from gunshot wound to the chest.

Sheriff Botzheim said that based on witness interviews so far, Divine and Hill got into an alcohol-fueled argument over someone hitting Divine's car. The sheriff doesn't know who brought their weapon out first or if any of the fight involved self-defense by either Divine or Hill.

There are no other suspects in Divine's and Hill's deaths.

Autopsies on the two men are scheduled for Monday and the sheriff's investigation into the deaths is ongoing.

Multiple attempts have been made to reach the family members and friends of Divine and Hill for comment on this story. So far no calls or messages have been returned.